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Ken Yashiro

Ken’s combination of fine arts and theatrical design talents allows him to create innovative and immersive environments.

Art Director Ken Yashiro collaborates with designers and illustrators to create original designs imbued with a spirit of whimsy. Mentoring and teaching, Ken guides teams to establish exciting visions, as well as to help present the designs for projects around the world.

 Before IRMS, Ken was the art director for Universal Studios Japan where he created THEA award winning shows and events.

 Ken’s history includes the Tokyo Disney Resort as a scenic painter & parade builder.

  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Fox World Malaysia
  • Myths & History Theme Park, Jeju, Korea
  • Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan
  • Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo, Japan
  • Museum Design
  • Scenic Painting

Master of Fine Arts in Theatrical Scenic Design

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