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Why IRMS is Better

Creative Problem Solving

Trained to listen to clients, understand their needs, goals, and points of view, our team then applies their talents, skills, and experiences toward the creative task at hand. Our innate problem-solving natures and experience with all types of projects allow us to attack projects from different angles in order to reach the best on-target solution for creative entertainment, schedule, and budget.

Real-World Experience

Who else has designed and built Universal Parks other than Universal? We did! When spending a lot of money, why waste it on amateurs? Ensure you get the most out of your “soft costs” by using experienced theme park designers who have conceived and built the most famous and compelling experiences in the world. You will reduce your creative risk and ensure the end result is top notch and drives ticket sales.

Dream Team Collaboration

Entertainment Projects are complicated, multidisciplinary endeavors that must seamlessly weave together the art and technology required to entertain and inspire. Teamwork is essential to achieve positive economic results. We love collaborating with our client teams around the world to bring their dreams to life. What's better than working together to realize dreams?