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What Makes the “Park” in Theme Park?

Deni Chung

March 6, 2019

At IRMS, we use our gold standard for theme park landscape design:

Immersive, Robust, Magical, Sustainable- I R M S !

IMMERSIVE : Landscapes enhance the overall look and feel of a themed environment to bring guests into the “story”. Be extra ordinary! Add plenty of WOW moments to the environment and apply forced perspective techniques to achieve the illusion of grander space. Don’t forget to screen off the real world!

ROBUST:  Thousands of daily visitors present high rates of wear and tear. Landscape materials, especially where it come into contact choice of pavers and railings should be resilient enough to bear heavy use with minimum maintenance.  Hardscape in parade routes may also require additional reinforcement considerations.  Landscape furniture and fixtures should fulfill dual functions of resilience and aesthetics.

MAGICAL; The Magic is in the Details! Details enhance the immersive experience, adding the finishing touches to creating another time and place. Put extra attention on elements that are tactile and located near eating, seating and queue area- anywhere guests tend to linger. Don’t forget opportunities for anything below adult eye level for most of next generation’s theme park enthusiasts are not adults yet!

SUSTAINABLE; Apply sustainable design practice and it will greatly reduce operating cost. The upfront higher capital investment will reap its returns over time. That means more profit for the theme park itself!  A smart landscape approach should be able to improve the quality of the natural environment and make it part of the experience of the theme park.

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