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Our Top Must-Brings To A Theme Park

Want to have the best day possible? Here are a few items our seasoned theme park warriors would not be caught without.

Kevin Barbee

March 6, 2019

The best theme parks transport us into different worlds, giving us a chance to experience journeys and adventures inaccessible to us in real life. But a journey without the right gear could end up being more of a nightmare. Here are our top staff picks for ensuring that you have the best possible theme park experience.


Or any favorite snack. Whether you are 2, 20 or 80, theme parks can be tiring business. Having a little something in your bag always helps, especially if you don't want to leave the queue to get a quick hunger fix.

Lightweight Poncho

Even if you don't plan to be going on a wet ride, chances are, you'll be outdoors and will want to keep exploring even if it drizzles. More lightweight and packable than most umbrellas, we also like how ponchos can double up as picnic mats.

Face Towel

This is an old-school, but tried and tested pick. More effective than tissues at keeping your face shine-free, it also serves as a quick way to cool down when soaked in water and placed over your head.

Portable Battery Pack

You'll be using your smartphone for pictures, for checking queue times, reviews of the food options, videos of your favourite characters, crushing candy while in a queue, downloading coupons and much more. Don't be caught with a flat battery at the end of the day when the fireworks appear!

Ziplock Bags

If you are a parent, you're probably already a convert. These handy little resealable pouches help keep electronics dry and safe, and allow you to keep those small items in one place when you have to empty your pockets to go on that double barrel loop coaster.


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