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Secrets of Theme Park Success

How to Amaze Your Guests and Keep Crowds Coming: Secrets of Theme Park Success

Kevin Barbee

March 6, 2019

How can you start your theme park planning so as to design for success?

CCO Kevin Barbee speaking in Beijing

Our Chief Creative Officer Kevin Barbee shared some secrets of theme park success as a keynote speaker at the inaugural launch of the Theme Park Design Summit Forum. Organized by the Theme Park Construction Association, attendees included China’s premier industry executives and academic experts in the growing field of theme park design and construction.

Designing For Emotional Appeal

Enlivening the audience with his signature brand of humor, he began with the origins and principles of theme park design. Theme parks have come a long way from when they first began; more rides, more food and beverage options and more retail. However, one of the keys to success that has endured the test of time is the concept of emotional connection. Kevin explained that “Successful theme parks appeal to the primal desires of children, for we carry those same desires into our adult lives“ and elaborated on the various ways in which IRMS designs delight into the parks we work on.

Attendee photo

Kevin’s address also touched upon the building and commercial aspects in designing a successful theme park. Seemingly simple things like optimized restroom counts, clear and helpful signage, strategically placed seating and water fountains can make or break the guest experience. Design that meets guests needs naturally leads to extended length of stay and raising revenue potential.


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