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Universal Studios Japan

IRMS Team Members designed one of the Top 10 Theme Parks in the World


IRMS team members were on the original Universal Studios Japan design and construction team during their tenure with Universal Creative, the design arm of Universal Studios.

Kevin Barbee was the Executive Art Director for the entire project, overseeing interiors, show design, wardrobe and environmental graphics.

Post opening, Kevin continued his role as Executive Art Director, leading an on-site design team through expansion, special event concept and design, as well as operational modifications.

Beyond Universal, Kevin and IRMS have continued his relationship and involvement with Universal Studios Japan working on a variety of concepts for special events, new attractions, new dining and retail concepts, as well as the Universal Wonderland project


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Universal Studios


IRMS team members were on the original design and construction team for this US$1.7 billion dollar theme park.

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Completed 2001, US$1.7 billion, 18 attractions, 55 hectares, One of the Top 10 Theme Parks in the world!

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