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Experience, Knowledge & Talent

The IRMS Advantage

Our experience is your advantage.
        Our knowledge is your time savings.
                Our talent differentiates your project.

we will prevent problems

Working internationally, in different cultures, companies and with multiple management styles, we have encountered every kind of pitfall, "value engineering" mistake, scheduling fiasco, shipping mishap, and mega-scope-gap imaginable. We learned the hard way - but you don't have to.  IRMS can help you avoid time-consuming, costly mistakes and avoid re-inventing the wheel. Our clients benefit from our hard won experience.

Risk reducing strategies

We reduce the risks of starting a new project through quantifying the unknown, establishing goals for budget, strategically developing targeted content, schedule preparation, and more, to inform the development of the creative.  Our "order from chaos" approach gives clients the benefit of decades of knowledge and  experience in theme park design and construction.   IRMS reduces risk.

secret success formula

Our top-secret Emotional Master Planning™ process is based on proprietary research by Kevin Barbee. Founded on timeless principles, our “secret formula” approach provides a foundation for long-term success. This formula connects with customers on an emotional level, creates lasting memories, has great marketing appeal, and (perhaps most importantly of all) generates repeat visits.
That’s what it’s all about!