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About IRMS

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IRMS Creates Entertainment Destinations: Theme Parks, Water Parks, Rides & Attractions

Our experience saves you time and money. Our focus is ticket-selling attractions with built-in repeatability. Schedule an Appointment.

Entertainment Destinations

We master plan repeatable destinations that generate more revenue by integrating Retail, Dining, Entertainment (RD&E), and infill attractions outside the gate. We plan for profitability.

Theme Parks &
Water Parks 

Our theme park and water parks designs feature revenue boosting know-how, operational sensibility, and features that generate repeat visits. We're experts in the business of fun!

Rides, Attractions, & Brand Experiences

Rides & Attractions aren't just for theme parks any more! Malls, resorts, and tourist areas benefit from these branded activity generators. Integrate attractions to boost your bottom line.

the experience advantage

Focused on Results

Achieving our client's goals is mission critical. Accessing our experience will save time, money and capital.


When short of time, facing real budgets, and in need of results, don't leave it to the amateurs--Use IRMS! Our experienced Entertainment Design Gurus have extensive world-wide experience, know how to create on-target concepts the first time, and have the talent to create compelling attractions that drive ticket sales and high repeat visitation.


In working with Clients around the world, we know that collaboration and client service are the road to success. Our team of client-centered professionals are both visionary and creative, committed to teamwork and professionalism. We avoid the "egotistical artistes" and seek to deliver thoughtful projects imbued with hard-won experience and designed to create long-term value for our clients.


With our world-wide experience working in different cultures, companies, and with multiple management styles, we have encountered every kind of pitfall, "value engineering" mistake, scheduling fiasco, shipping mishap, and mega-scope-gap imaginable. We've learned the hard way, so you don't have to! We won't let your project be the 21st century's project management disaster. The benefit of our hard won experience is what you are paying for--we won't let you repeat the mistakes of others.

Our Values

Client Service

Service is at the heart of our creative culture. We take pride in supporting our clients in their continued success, staying with them through thick and thin.

We value the opportunity to serve our clients with our professional skills, knowledge, talent and hard-won experience. We also invest in and nurture our team's professional growth as further ways to increase value to clients.

Long Term Outlook

We look at each project as an audition for the next. This ensures that clients' needs, goals, and successful project delivery remain our primary focus. 

We work to be your "go to" team for the long haul. In serving our clients with integrity and creativity, we strive to cultivate professional relationships that thrive through years of teamwork and collaboration.

Problem Solving

We're not ego-maniacal artistes. We are trained design professionals who use our talents to create remarkable projects to meet our clients' needs.

In creating fun, we take our clients' problems, budgets and schedules seriously. We use creative ideation and problem solving techniques to produce projects that sell tickets and generate repeat visitation.

Let's Get the show started!